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All-in-one platform to monitor and improve child's early cognitive development
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I'll help you monitor and improve your child's cognitive skills from the day they're born - let's see how!
Wondering how it works? 
Let's see how!


This has never been available to parents before.

Nested around your play area or nursery, it uses Natural Language Processing technology to analyse the quality of your child's play interactions, including how many words they hear and how engaged they are in the learning process.

These indicators are proven to predict their IQ and school readiness! 


Our companion app is there to guide you through your child's most formative, first years.

Build your child's unique developmental profile and receive personalised activity plan for each milestone.

Use our evidence-based assessments to continually improve the recommendations and track progress.


Here comes the magic part.

Based on your child's needs and your parenting style, we will make smart recommendations for activities and books you can engage your child with.

Everything we recommend is science-based and easy to do at home, suitable for your busy lifestyle.

3 steps to healthy brain development:


Place the device around your child's play area and start monitoring their language environment.


Our app gives you daily feedback and about your child's development indicators and explains what it means.


Get the right advice at the right time. Use our activity and book suggestions to better engage with your baby!

First users are saying

" just tells me what to do and when. I love that it can can track my child's progress."

Kate, USA

Oto Beta Tester
"Typically we're told wait-and-see, but research tells us otherwise. Doing the right thing early is the key to child's success in life." 

Emily, Australia

Child development researcher
"It makes me more conscious about how I can support my child's language every day."

Georgina, Hong Kong

Pilot study participant

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to my data?

Our device monitors the sound environment around your child and uses our Natural Language Processing algorithm to analyze it for key development indicators.

You have the full control over the monitoring feature with a simple on/off button and can even schedule it to be active only at a specific time of the day. We are committed to guarding your privacy and safety, this is why the data collected by the device will be encrypted on our AWS server and will not be shared with third parties without consent. 

Do I need to attach sensors to my child?

There's no need for this! We designed our device based on multiple interviews with parents and visits to their homes. We found out that a passive and quiet device that seamlessly blends into your home environment and is controlled by the parent, is the best option. That's exactly what we created! It's also choke-free and does not have a digital screen to prevent potential distractions to your child.

What is the Learn-O-Meter?

We created the Learn-O-Meter based on decades of research studies into what are the earliest indicators of a child's IQ, emotional development, vocabulary size and school success later in life. It all goes back to the quality of parent-child iteractions and specifically the quantity and quality of language exposure.

Curious to know more? Head over to our SCIENCE page!

Are you a Researcher?

Home-based interventions are critical to our understanding of what moves the needle in early childhood development. 

Our technology assists researchers by making the interventions more scalable at lower cost and automates data collection.
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Our reading assistant monitor helps parents fully develop their preschoolers’ cognitive, emotional and social skills through reading, by reducing moments of frustration or boredom during reading times at home and increasing the level of engagement between kids, parents and their books.

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