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Join the Oto family, An award-winning monitor child's brain development. A device that lasts 2+ days and features phone-free monitoring.

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Key Features

Super Safe

We've taken measures to ensure Oto Pod is safe for your baby. It is water proof, shock proof, dust proof and choke proof.


Your data is secured and encrypted on our Amazon Web Service server and you can opt to wipe your data anytime! Your security is a priority!

Flexible Usage

Oto can go where your baby goes! We know that baby talk time can happen anywhere! thats why we put in a battery to you can take Oto on the go!

The Best Materials

Oto Pod is built by parents for parents. That means we've only used the best materials!
  • Medical Grade Silicon
  • BPA-free, Lead-free,Petroleum free, Latex-free
  • Soft and Safe Fabric Texture Casing


We only upload wirelessly to our server when the device is docked.
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Long Battery Life

We know that baby talk time can happen anywhere! thats why we put in a battery to you can take Oto on the go!
  • 32 Hour Battery
  • 30 minute recharge
  • Safe Lithium Battery

First users are saying...

"...it just tells me what to do and when. I love that it can can track my child's progress."


Oto Beta Tester
"Typically we're told wait-and-see, but research tells us otherwise. Doing the right thing early is the key to child's success in life." 


Child development researcher
"It makes me more conscious about how I can support my child's language every day."


Pilot study participant


Oto is an IoT platform that helps parents monitor and improve their child's brain development and language skills. Oto is a simple device that uses Natural Language Processing to analyze a child's language environment. Oto recommends scientifically proven activities to parents to support their child's cognitive development.

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