7 Day Challenge

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Hi ...! Awesome job on the 7 Day Challenge! Here is ... language exposure report. We've crunched the numbers and the results are in! Check them out below!





Your Summary

Total word count


Total Duration


Total # of Conversations


Your Average

Daily Goal Completion

of word count goal

Utilisation of Daytime

of 12h daytime

number of conversations


Word Count Breakdown

Why do we track this? Studies confirm that children's academic successes at ages 9 are attributable to the amount of talk they hear from birth to age 3.

Conversation Count Breakdown

Why do we track this? Studies confirm that differences in the number of “conversational turns” account for a large portion of the differences in children’s brain physiology and language skills.

What's Next?

  1. More data to come! When everyone in your group finishes the Challenge we will send you analytics on the group average versus you.
  2. Share the love! Share the Challenge with 3 friends with children to get access to Oto’s next challenge for free 😊
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*The data is based solely on the recordings captured by the device and/or the mobile application. Please treat it only as an informative summary rather than an absolute assessments of your baby’s learning environment.