we have the science

From decades of research and interventions, we know what predicts a child's IQ, language skills and emotional development.

In the first few years of life, more than 1 million new neural connections form every second

Center on the Developing Child
Harvard University

30 Million Words

Science proves that children from low-performing families hear around 30 million words less by the time they are 4 than their peers from high-performing families.

Parent talk is probably the most valuable resource in our world

Dana Suskind
Thirty Million Words

We Measure...


The number of words you speak to your child daily is a core metric - the more language, the better child's outcomes.


The second piece of the puzzle is the number of engaged, back-and-forth exchanges you have with your child.


Sentiment analyzes the quality of your language including the ratio of positive to negative words or multi-languages.

Are you a Researcher?

Home-based interventions are critical to our understanding of what moves the needle in early childhood development.

Our technology assists researchers by making the interventions more scalable at lower cost and automates data collection.
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Our reading assistant monitor helps parents fully develop their preschoolers’ cognitive, emotional and social skills through reading, by reducing moments of frustration or boredom during reading times at home and increasing the level of engagement between kids, parents and their books.

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